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Frequently asked questions

A few questions that are frequently addressed to the FonCSI, with answers.

What research topics has the FonCSI worked on?

The FonCSI is a research foundation whose scope includes industrial safety, the management of technological risk and their interaction with society. We support research projects concerning risks arising from technology, from industrial activity, and from products. 

You can consult more detail on our research themes

When will FonCSI's next call for proposals be published?

The FonCSI has historically launched new calls for proposals every two years. The last call was published in 2012.

From 2013, a permanent call for contributions to our collection of documents Industrial safety basics is open.

In parallel with this activity, the FonCSI has been participating since April 2012 in a European programme called SAF€RA, whose aim is to coordinate research in European member states in industrial safety and its link with society. SAF€RA launched a joint European call for proposals in September 2013, concerning the theme Human and organizational factors of safety, including value of safety. More information on

What will the topic of the next call be?

The topics of FonCSI's calls for proposals are decided by its director, based on proposals from the scientific director and advice from the scientific advisory board. The topic for the call within the SAF€RA project is described above.

How can I contribute to one of FonCSI's publications?

If you would like to propose content for a new document in our collection the Cahiers de la Sécurité Industrielle or the Industrial Safety Basics collection, please send us an email with your proposed topic and your contact details, at one of the addresses:


What are the differences between the ICSI and the FonCSI?

The FonCSI (Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture), a public interest research foundation, and the ICSI (Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture), an organization with training and consulting activities, are two distinct legal entities. The two organizations share a common history and a number of common objectives. Their offices are located in the same building. 

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