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Our commitments A word from our director

Foncsi is launching its new scientific programme “FonCSI 3”, from 2019 until 2023, on organizational factors of safety in the industry of the future.

With “FonCSI 3, FonCSI is embarking on a new scientific programme over 4 years (2019-2023), and ensuring a continuum of innovation between research and society, thanks to an original scientific mechanism: strategic analyses.


Human and organizational factors (HOF) will play a key role in the industries of the future. This vast domain encompasses not only safety and production, but also corporate commitment to the company’s values. The challenges are becoming increasingly strategic and no less difficult for industry to understand — while they are closely linked to technology, they go beyond a purely technological and rational approach. It is a field that combines academic knowledge from the domains of sociology, ergonomics, psychology, engineering, economics, not to mention medicine.

With its “FonCSI 3 scientific program, FonCSI will investigate multiple prospective topics to anticipate safety in the industry of the future:

Having demonstrated its effectiveness in the Foncsi 2 programme, the strategic analysis is a short 18-month research program with international experts. This is the backbone of the FonCSI 3 activity, and all of our work is resolutely international, with work in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

This new ambitious and innovative program has been launched since September 2019. So... Come and join us!

René Amalberti, Foncsi Director

The activity of FonCSI in 2021 and since 2005

Discover in these reports all the scientific activities of the FonCSI in 2021 and since its creation in 2005: strategic analyses, working groups, R&D projects, conferences & seminars, publications, etc.

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