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Our commitments A word from our director

Foncsi is launching its new scientific programme, Impulsion 2020.

With Impulsion 2020, Foncsi is embarking on a new scientific programme and ensuring a continuum of innovation between research and society.

“Foncsi (Fondation pour une culture de sécurité industrielle — or Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture, in English) was created and recognised as being of public benefit under French law in 2005. The foundation’s goal is to work with stakeholders to improve industrial safety for the benefit of society as a whole.

From issuing seven calls for scientific proposals including two at a European level, to coordinating the work of some fifty research teams including twelve abroad and some ten funded doctoral theses, to publishing some 60 industrial safety reports (Cahiers de la sécurité industrielle) and launching two other collections of publications (Tribunes and Regards), we have successfully covered a lot of ground so far and are extremely optimistic about the future.

In 2015, Foncsi is beginning a new chapter with a new five-year scientific programme. This new impetus will take us to 2020. Naturally, this new chapter sees us pursuing research programmes, but more importantly it is a new step forward towards a revised, ambitious and particularly dynamic approach to industrial safety.

In the first instance, Foncsi is implementing a new research method: strategic analyses. This innovative and unique research method aims to guarantee a very high level of research within a particularly short time frame — approximately 18 months —, and to ensure a continuum of innovation between research and industry.
The programme is intense: four strategic analyses are planned between now and 2020. In addition, Foncsi is going to pursue its academic activities of issuing calls for scientific proposals and monitoring projects. These three-year research projects will perfectly complement the strategic analyses. Two calls for proposals will be issued as part of this new programme.

Discussion groups, for debating and information or idea sharing between safety stakeholders, are a priority for Icsi and Foncsi. These will continue over the next years and Foncsi will run two new groups.

Last but not least where new developments are concerned, Foncsi is working closely with Icsi to set up a research and development activity. For these projects, the Icsi and Foncsi teams will partly merge and will share their knowledge and research results very early on in order to create pilot projects that will address requirements in the field.

Impulsion 2020 is clearly an ambitious scientific programme during which we will see us assimilating current and past Foncsi research in order to ensure its efficient and effective transfer and translation into industrial safety practices. The Foncsi team and I are embarking on this new chapter in Foncsi’s history with enthusiasm and determination, to continue improving industrial safety for the benefit of society as a whole.”

René Amalberti, Foncsi Director

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To learn more about this new scientific programme, consult:
> The booklet "Impulsion 2020"

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