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The Board of Trustees

FonCSI’s board of trustees oversees the organization's activities.

Board members

Members by right:

  • CNRS: Joël Bertrand
  • INP Toulouse: Gilbert Casamatta (Treasurer)
  • Toulouse Métropole: Caroline Lapelerie
  • Conseil régional Occitanie: Bertrand Monthubert


  • ARKEMA: Florence Bonetti
  • EDF: Cécile Laugier
  • ENGIE: Xavier Perret
  • TOTAL: Ahmed Abzizi

Qualified people:

  • Bruno Pahlawan, TOTAL
  • Michel Descazeaux, former of ENGIE
  • André-Claude Lacoste (Chairman), former Chairman of the ASN
  • Jean-Paul Labarthe, EDF

Government commissioner:

Marie-Élisabeth Borredon, Regional Delegate for Research and Technology of Occitanie

Honorary member:

René Deleuze, former director of ICSI-FonCSI

Invited members

René Amalberti, Director of FonCSI
Ivan Boissières, Director of ICSI
François Daniellou, Scientific Director of ICSI-FonCSI
Daniel Darets, Secretary-General of ICSI-FonCSI
Pierre Sablier, SNCF