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Icsi & Foncsi close historical links

Foncsi maintains a historical link with Icsi, the Institute for industrial safety culture.

Seveso, Bhopal, Entschede, AZF, Fukushima… we can all remember examples of accidents or incidents that have had a significant impact on the environment, destroyed families and damaged the regional economy.

Technical complexity, safety challenges and regional development mean that all stakeholders need to take appropriate action.

Genuine industrial safety must emerge from actors whose job it is to adopt and develop a true safety culture. This is Icsi's mission.

The Institute for an industrial safety culture (Icsi) is a non-profit association created in 2003. It is the result of a joint initiative from industry, local and regional authorities, researchers and universities who together aim to:

  • improve safety in businesses through an understanding of all aspects of industrial risk: technical, organisational and human.
  • promote an honest and open debate between at-risk businesses and civil society, through better education about risk management and improved safety.
  • raise awareness among all actors in societyof risks and safety issues.

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