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The FonCSI, Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture, is a public interest research foundation created in 2005, located in France.

The FonCSI finances research projects concerning potentially hazardous industrial activities and their interaction with society, and aims to encourage open dialogue with all stakeholders (regulators, associations and NGOs, local government, researchers, industrial firms, trade unions, etc.).

Our originality is the interdisciplinary nature of our activities, in France and internationally, as well as a strong commitment to innovation and to anticipating tomorrow's issues.

Our mission

  • Identify and highlight new ideas and innovative practices
  • Develop and fund research into industrial safety and the management of technological risks
  • Contribute to the development of a research community in this area
  • Transfer research results to all interested parties

Our values

  • Foresight and innovation
  • Knowledge and know-how
  • Openness and exchange

For more information on the Foncsi

Scientific Programme « Foncsi 2 »

> Presentation of the scientific programme (2015-2019)

Founders :

Download our activity reports (in French)
> Rapport d’activité depuis 2005
> Rapport dactivités 2013
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> Rapport d’activités 2009