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Explore FonCSI’s 2021 activity report

‘Regulatory authorities and industry’, ‘The operator of the future’, ‘Relationships with contractors’, ‘Risks and Territories’… 2021 was a busy year for Foncsi, and the results are in. (Re)discover all of these research projects, and their results in the 2021 activity report.

Throughout 2021, the Foundation’s small team continued its work – despite the constraints of Covid – on the various projects that make up its scientific program: we initiated a forward-look workshop on the railway sector; we organized two seminars to report the results of our work to our sponsors, one on ‘The operator of the future’ and the other on ‘Relationships with contractors’; we held an international academic seminar on ‘Regulatory authorities and industry’; the ‘Risks and Territories’ working group finalized its work; and we were even able to begin preparations for the new scientific program ‘FonCSI 4’ (2023–2027)!

The FonCSI also dedicated itself to the organization of an international symposium in June 2021, with a day devoted to industrialists on the topic: ‘Is the at-risk industry in need of a safety management paradigm shift?’. The day was a great success, both in terms of the quality of the presentations, and the number of participants.

In short, we invite you to (re)discover everything that we achieved during this great year by leafing through the activity report. Enjoy the read!

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