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A new “Cahier” on the HOF of safety

A few years after having published a first book on the Human and Organisational Factors of safety, FonCSI offers a second book: “Taking account of HOF in planning and designing a high-risk system”.


A Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) approach to project planning and design aims to improve decisions by anticipating the consequences of technical and organizational choices on the human activity that will take place in future operations. To foster efficient and safe work, the HOF approach is based on in-depth analysis of human activity in existing situations combined with simulation of probable activity in future operations, based on planned technical and organisational choices. The approach requires project owners to express their requirements clearly, good coordination with design and engineering contractors, and participation of various stakeholders, in particular from operations. The integration of a HOF approach should start at Front End Engineering and continue until the final project review.

To read online, or download:
> Taking account of human and organisational factors in planning and designing a high risk system

This new book on HOF, is also available in:
> French
> Spanish

About the author

François Daniellou was Professor of Ergonomics at the École nationale supérieure de cognitique of the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux (France), then Scientific Director of FonCSI and ICSI from 2015 to 2019. He has extensive experience in high-hazard industries (nuclear, chemical, etc.).

Several books on HOF

In the framework of a call for proposals from the Foundation, François Daniellou had worked on the publication of a first book in 2010 on the organizational and human factors of safety (FOH), with Ivan Boissières from ICSI and Marcel Simard from the University of Montreal:

> Human and organizational factors of safety: state of the art

This book is also available in 4 other languages:
> French
> Spanish
> Portugese
> Italian