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First book in SpringerBriefs in Safety Management Series

The FonCSI has launched the SpringerBriefs in Safety Management, a new open access collection with Springer. The collection will be dedicated to the publication of research results funded by FonCSI. The first volume in the collection, titled “The Illusion of Risk Control”, was published today.

The Illusion of Risk Control, subtitled What Does it Take to Live With Uncertainty ?, presents the results of the international researcher/expert group NeTWork, which organizes an annual seminar sponsored by FonCSI. In 2013, this seminar concerned uncertainty and its impact on risk control. 15 researchers from different disciplines debated this topic during two and a half days in a peaceful abbey near Toulouse, in southern France.

The book comprises eight chapters:

  • Uncertainty: New Perspectives, Questions and Proposals”, by Gilles Motet
  • Uncertainty — Its Ontological Status and Relation to Safety”, by Ove Njå, Øivind Solberg and Geir Sverre Braut
  • A Conceptual Foundation for Assessing and Managing Risk, Surprises and Black Swans”, by Terje Aven
  • Recognizing Complexity in Risk Management : The Challenge of the Improbable”, by Jean Pariès
  • Practices in the Danger Culture of Late Industrial Society”, by Arie Rip
  • Judicial Review of Uncertain Risks in Scientific Research”, by Eric E. Johnson
  • What Can Japan’s Early Modern Capital of Edo Teach Us About Risk Management ?”, by Jordan Sand
  • a conclusion by Corinne Bieder.


Open access

The Illusion of Risk Control is available as open access, and the book as well as individual chapters are freely downloadable from the SpringerLink platform.

Download The Illusion of Risk Control (PDF, ePub) :
https ://