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Now available to download – FonCSI’s activity report for 2020

Despite the pandemic, roll out of the ‘FonCSI 3’ program continued as planned—three strategic analyses, two working groups, and a pilot project... The 2020 activity report provides full details of all of the projects that the Foundation was able to carry out last year.

While the Covid-19 pandemic made 2020 a difficult year, the FonCSI was able to continue its activities, and the whole team worked together to ensure that the scientific program could be executed as planned. Despite not being able to meet in person, we were able to continue our discussions in digital seminars and remote sessions, resulting in rapid progress towards our goals.

2020 can be summed up as follows:

  • three strategic analyses: ‘Work and workers in the 2040’s’, ‘Contracting relationships’ (international academic seminars were run remotely) and ‘Regulator-Regulated’.
  • two working groups (with contributions from multiple experts): ‘Risks & Territories’ and ‘The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis’
  • and a ‘Resilient Briefing-Debriefing’ field pilot, with GRDF south-west.

Not to mention ongoing work with international networks such as the REA, the NDM, NeTWork and Saf€ra, the publication of books by Springer, and the dissemination of the outcomes of our work to as wide an audience as possible via newsletters, social networks, and the website.

> Download FonCSI’s 2020 activity report