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NeTWork 2024: “Decommissioning Aging Installations and Declining Technologies”

The FonCSI supports the international NeTWork, and helps to organize its annual seminar. The 2024 seminar, which took place from January 29–31, focused on the dismantling of aging facilities.

For the past ten years, the FonCSI has been supporting the NeTWork (New and emerging Technologies and Work). The NeTWork brings together the world’s leading specialists in high-risk organizations.
The Foundation not only provides funding and organizes the annual seminar, but also coordinates and publishes the results in its Springer collection.

The topic for 2024: dismantling aging facilities

This year, the NeTWork’s annual seminar was held at the Abbaye de Royaumont (France) from January 29–31, 2024. The theme was Decommissioning Aging Installations and Declining Technologies: Burden or Inspiration
It was led by Mathilde Bourrier from the University of Geneva, and Eric Marsden from the FonCSI.

The aim was to explore the specific characteristics of dismantling, understood as an activity from which lessons can be learned, especially from a safety point of view. The seminar covered all phases of dismantling, beginning with the mechanisms that precede the decision to cease operations, to the dismantling practices that occur in high-risk industries, reuse (in other domains), and the question of organizational memory.

International experts

Nearly twenty international experts took part in the seminar:

  • Mathilde Bourrier, University of Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Zahar Koretsky, Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands)
  • Jean-Christophe Le Coze, Ineris (France)
  • Nicolas Nova, HES-SO Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Peter Stegmaier, University of Twente (the Netherlands)
  • Eric Marsden, Foncsi (France)
  • Olivier Chanton, IRSN (France)
  • Kaupo Viitanen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Finland)
  • Jacques Repussard, former Director General of IRSN (France)
  • Yoann Guntzburger, Skema Business School (France)
  • Marc Baumgartner, Skyguide
  • Ernst Zirngast, retired from Swiss Re (Switzerland)
  • Bruno Turnheim, Inrae (France)
  • Christine Bergé, CNRS (France)
  • Fabienne Peris-Raimbault, Haute-Garonne Departmental Archives (France)
  • Corinne Bieder, FonCSI (France)
  • Siri Wiig, University of Stavanger (Norway)

Each guest was asked to prepare a position paper, which was presented and discussed at the seminar.

An open access Springer publication

The discussions, and suggestions that emerged during the NeTWork seminar will be used by the authors to enrich their articles, which will then be published by Springer in the FonCSI’s open access SpringerBriefs in Safety Management collection.
The book will be free to download from the Springer website.