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New year, new projects!

2022 is already underway, and along with it, the Foundation is launching a host of new projects. Work goes on, the scientific program continues to roll out, some projects are coming to an end, new strategic analyses are beginning... and we are preparing for “FonCSI 4”! We hear from René Amalberti, Director of the FonCSI, about what the new year has in store for you.
New year, new projects!

René Amalberti, director of the FonCSI

Beginning in 2019 and running until 2023, FonCSI is rolling out the “FonCSI 3” scientific program. Can you remind us of the projects that are already underway, particularly the strategic analyses?

René Amalberti: “FonCSI 3” began in 2019, and several strategic analyses have already ended or are still underway. Two, the Work and workers in the 2040’s and the Contracting relationships are almost complete: the feedback seminars took place last year and were a great success. We plan to publish the associated books in our SpringerBriefs series later this year.
The strategic analysis on the Relationship between the regulator and the regulated is also well underway, and the international academic seminar was held last December. We are still digesting all the material, and comparing what we have learned with practice in the industry; this will continue in the coming months and we plan to hold a feedback seminar in mid-2022.

And what is happening in the working groups?

RA: Here again, we’ve been busy! This year, the WG on Risks & Territories, which was launched in 2020, will compile the conclusions of its work, and is expected to present the results during a half-day feedback seminar. The WG on The Impact of the Covid Crisis on Safety Management Strategies is also in its closing phase, and will now join forces with Icsi to produce its conclusions in the first half of 2022.

And what about the new projects? Are there any new strategic analyses?

RA: Yes, we are launching a new analysis on Rule-based/ Initiative-based in the first quarter of 2022! A round table is being set up with our sponsors, and we expect the first meetings to take place soon. We should be able to organize the international academic seminar in the second semester.
Finally, the last strategic analysis of the current scientific program, “FonCSI 3”, will be launched in the second semester. It will focus on Participatory Dynamics. We’re still on track to complete the 2019–2023 program.

So, the “FonCSI 3” program is coming to an end. How do you see the future?

RA: “FonCSI 4” is finally getting underway. We are already preparing the next phase of the scientific program, which will run from 2023 to 2027. Our initial discussions have already identified several research topics: new performance champions, simplification, safety and the digital transition, skills and careers in 2040... But I don’t want to reveal everything. We are still talking to our current sponsors and historical partners about the content of the new program. And, of course, we want to open it up to new partners, especially international ones!

What should we wish FonCSI and its sponsors for 2022?

RA: Success, of course! But I know how committed our small team is to the Foundation, and the quality of its work, and I know that it will rise to these challenges.
“FonCSI 4” will be built together with our sponsors, we’ll continue to identify emerging ideas, and take a new look at future developments. I wish us a great year of safety innovation!