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Welcome to 2023, and the new ‘FonCSI 4’ program

As 2023 begins, René Amalberti, director of the FonCSI, presents the Foundation’s leading projects. It will be a year of big changes, in particular the launch of the new scientific program – ‘FonCSI 4’. Interview.
Welcome to 2023, and the new ‘FonCSI 4’ program

René Amalberti, director of FonCSI

What does 2023 look like for the FonCSI?

René Amalberti: This is a very important year for the Foundation. 2023 will mark the end of the ‘FonCSI 3’ program, which began in 2019, and the switch to the new ‘FonCSI 4’ program. A new program means new research themes, new ways of working... A new future for the FonCSI and its new sponsors.

You mentioned that the ‘FonCSI 3’ program will end. What exactly are the final steps for the analyses that are currently in progress?

RA: We’ve still got a lot to do!

Two analyses, Work and workers in the 2040’s and Contracting relationships have been completed. Here, we expect to publish the final results very soon, either in the form of an ‘Cahier de la sécurité industrielle’ (Notebook), or as part of our Springer collection.

We will also run two seminars to present the results of our analyses to the industrial and institutional sponsors of ‘FonCSI 3’. The first, on The relationship between the regulator and the regulated will be held in the spring, and the other, on initiative-based and managed safety will be held at the end of the year. The seminars will mark the end of these two analyses, and here again, we will publish the outcomes in our various collections.

The final strategic analysis, on Industrial risks and citizen participation, will bridge the gap between ‘FonCSI 3’ and ‘FonCSI 4’, and will be the theme of an international academic seminar that will be held in spring 2023.

Yes… ‘FonCSI 4’, can you tell us more about it?

RA: As many people already know, this year we will launch a new program – ‘FonCSI 4’ – which will run until 2027. We have already met many of the partners, both new and old sponsors, to draw up the program.

Six new themed strategic analyses will be explored over the next 5 years:

  • The new champions of safety;
  • Mastering simplification;
  • Safety practices in the era of the digital transition;
  • Skills and careers between in 2040;
  • Safety governance in the broader context of sustainability and social responsibility;
  • Integrating industrial risks into ESG reporting.

These analyses will have an international dimension, as some can be run from other countries. Another novelty is that we are looking at developing groupings for different sectors of activity; here, the aim is to bring together peers from different sectors, and encourage discussions about what the future might hold.

Three working groups are also in preparation: stakeholders, participative dynamics, NaTech risks, and Safety-Security.

And of course, we will continue to lead the scientific community, and disseminate the results of our work as widely as possible, given the Foundation’s status as a not-for-profit organization.

There is a big job ahead of us. But, we’re ready to take on the challenge. There’s still a lot to do, and the entire FonCSI team is ready and willing to take this new step forward, and make it a success, together with our sponsors.

I hope that 2023 is a good year for all of us. Let’s hit the road with ‘FonCSI 4’!