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SpringerBriefs in Safety Management

The “Springer Briefs in Safety Management” series is published by FonCSI with Springer. The series presents cutting-edge research results on the management of technological risks and decision-making in high-stakes settings.

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Industrial Safety Cahiers

This collection of documents on industrial safety aims to transfer the results of research that we fund to interested parties, in a format which is attractive and easy to understand.

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Viewpoints on industrial safety

In order to facilitate cross-fertilization between different research disciplines and encourage debate between all categories of people concerned by industrial safety, the Foncsi publishes a collection of "Viewpoints on industrial safety".

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Industrial Safety Opinion Pieces

Criticizing, lighting a position, proposing an improvement, raising issues, sharing an intuition... as many approaches and topics on research in safety, which will find their place in this collection: Industrial Safety Opinion Pieces (Tribunes de la sécurité industrielle).

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Comic strip

The Operator, the Manager... and the Monster from Outer Space. FonCSI has published a quirky comic strip on safety and professionalism. Laughs and reflections guaranteed.

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