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Industrial safety in a changing world

Human, digital, new organizations: 10 key points for 2040
Caroline Kamaté & Strategic analysis group "Operator of the future"
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Apport de la recherche
Les Facteurs Humains Et Organisationnels De La Securite

Industrial safety in a changing world

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Demographics, technological advances, globalization, industrial disaggregation, system complexity, interdependence, etc. Between now and 2030–40, the megatrends affecting our world, our societies, and therefore the world of at-risk industrial activities, will force us to revisit our approach to safety. What impact could these developments have on HSE departments and, beyond that, organizations? What new production methods, new organizations and new professional profiles will be required, against a background of anticipated technological change, a new generation of employees, and society’s expectations? Why, and how should at-risk industries adapt their safety vision and actions to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

This Cahier de la sécurité industrielle (Industrial Safety Notebook) is the result of work carried out by the FonCSI’s “Operator of the future – Work and workers in the 2040’s” Strategic Analysis Scientific Group. Focused around a core of academic researchers, the group also brought together experts from FonCSI’s sponsors. It met fifteen times to explore the impact of current and future global developments on industrial safety in 2040. This Cahier presents a summary of its work.