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Work and workers in the 2040’s

What will it be like working in high-hazard industrial sectors in 2040? What will be at stake for industrial safety? Anticipating “the industry of the future”, the impact that the evolution of society, technologies, organization and communication modes have on human work, is a priority. Foncsi and partners are adressing these issues through a high-level 18 month-research programme that includes a residential seminar with international experts, and the publication of an open-access book by Springer.

The strategic analysis on “Work and workers in the 2040’s” began in May 2019 and is currently in progress.

Key questions in video

Scientific committee

Core members of the strategic analysis group:

  • René Amalberti, FonCSI, Toulouse, France
  • Corinne Bieder, ENAC, Toulouse, France
  • Hervé Laroche, ESCP Europe, Paris, France
  • Jean Pariès, ICSI-FonCSI, Toulouse, France
  • Jesús Villena López, Ergotec, Spain

Experts from industry and other organizations associated to the strategic analysis:

  • Florence Reuzeau, Airbus
  • Raluca Ciobanu, EDF
  • Laurent Cebulski & Bruno Dember, EPSF
  • Franck Ollivier, Eurovia
  • Nicolas Engler & Thierry Escaffre, GRTgaz
  • Dounia Tazi, ICSI
  • Alexandre Largier & Tania Navarro Rodriguez, IRSN
  • Stella Duvenci-Langa & Cyril Cappi, SNCF
  • Raphaël Waxin, TOTAL

Contact & coordination

Caroline Kamaté
Tel.: +33 (0)5 32 09 37 83