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Dynamics of negotiation and compromise : Publications

You will find here the work that has been published in the Foncsi's series "Cahiers" or "Regards", but also some academic publications in international papers, communication at conferences etc. All these references are in English language, for publications in French, please refer to the French website.


  • Weyer, J. Adelt, F. and Hoffmann, S., 2015. "Governance of complex systems. A multi-level model", Sociological working paper #42/2015, Dortmund University of Technology, Germany.
  • Weyer, J. Fink, R.D., Adelt, F. "Human–machine cooperation in smart cars. An empirical investigation of the loss-of-control thesis", Safety Science, Volume 72, February 2015, Pages 199–208.
  • Baram, M. 2015, "Examination of a negotiation model to adress community concerns about innovative industrial processes", Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies, Arizona State      University Law School, May 26-­‐28, 2015. See slides.



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  • Crivellari, P. (2013). The SIMAGE (Integrated System for Environmental Monitoring and Emergency Management) : an innovative public-private technological partnership in the chemical site of Porto-Marghera(Italy). Dans Crisis, Critique and Change, Turin, Italie. European Sociological Association.
  • Angelova, V., Armantier, O., Attanasi, G., et Hiriart, Y. (2013). Relative performance of liability rules : Experimental evidence. Theory and Decision, pages 1–26. doi : 10.1007/s11238-013-9405-0.
  • Attanasi, G., Casoria, F., Centorrino, S., et Urso, G. (2013), "Cultural investment, local development and instantaneous social capital: A case study of a gathering festival in the South of Italy", The Journal of Socio-Economics Volume 47, December 2013, Pages 228–247


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