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1st call for proposals HOF including the value of industrial safety

ERA-NET Saf€ra launched its first European call for scientific proposals on industrial safety: "Human and organizational factors including the value of industrial safety" in September, 2013.

Project progress

The first European call for proposals is closed.
The projects began in May 2014.

Research topics

The first call for proposals was on "Human and organizational factors including the value of industrial safety", with the following two subjects:

  • The value of safety and safety values,
  • Resilience: Improving safety management

10 projects selected, 7 of which by Foncsi

After assessment of the 53 received proposals, 10 projects were retained. From a total amount of 3,2 million euros, a 2,3 million euro envelope of SAF€RA financing will be attributed to them.

In association with other financiers of Saf€ra, the Foncsi supports 7 projects, for a total amount of 485 000 euros.

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