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2nd call for proposals Innovating in safety and safe innovations

A second call for proposals was launched in May 2014, on the topic "Innovating in safety and safe innovations".

Project progress

The second European call for proposals is closed.
The projects began in April 2015.


It includes the two subjects as follows:

  • Managing emerging risks
  • New technologies for safety

 The purpose of this topic

Innovations in the industrial domain lead to emerging risks which have to be mastered in order to ensure the safety of all. But innovation also involves the field of safety and is awaited and expected by our companies, thereby introducing possible risks of its own.

The need for progress and the need for assurance in terms of safety. The need to innovate in the field of safety with the expectation of guarantees from companies. How should these contradictions be managed?  Such are the stakes, amongst others, that are raised by this second call for proposals.

For further information

You will find all the necessary information and submission documents on the site dedicated to calls for proposals: