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Discussion groups and working groups

Discussion groups are neutral and independent arenas for all of the actors involved in industrial safety to debate and share ideas.

A forum for discussion

Discussion groups provide a forum for representatives of all stakeholders to meet to discuss new topics. Foncsi takes the results and translates them into research questions.

The Foundation benefits from its close relationship with Icsi. It draws upon the Institute’s diverse membership in creating the groups.

TWO discussion groupS

The relationship between supervisory authorities and industry

Facilitated by Eric Marsden, Foncsi programme manager, this discussion group aims to stimulate the debate on the relationship between regulatory authorities and the bodies they regulate.
Daniel Darets, General secretary of ICSI and FonCSI, will co-pilot this discussion group.

Eric Marsden -
Daniel Darets -

Shared safety models in decentralized organizations and with contractors

Eric Marsden also pilots this discussion group that aims to discuss the sharing of different safety models in organizations that tend to be increasingly decentralized, taking into account also the sharing of safety models with different contracting organizations.

Eric Marsden -