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Strategic analyses a targeted & ambitious research programme

Strategic analyses aim to ensure high quality research in a particularly short timeframe, and to create a continuum between research innovation and industry.


Scientific Programme “FonCSI 3” (2019-2023)

> Work and workers in the 2040’s - in progress
> Contracting relationships in high-hazard industries - in progress
> The regulator–regulated relationship - in progress

Scientific Programme “FonCSI 2” (2015-2019)

> HOF in high-risk companies - closed
> Safety Culture and safety theory - closed
> Skills and competencies for safety - closed

Who does what?

Each strategic analysis is led by the strategic analyses scientific group (GSAS).

This group is composed of permanent members, who are widely recognized in the field of safety and risk:

  • René Amalberti, FonCSI
  • Corinne Bieder, ENAC
  • Laure Bonnaud, INRAE/Paris Dauphine University
  • Benoît Journé, University of Nantes (France)
  • Hervé Laroche, ESCP Business School
  • Jean-Christophe Le Coze, INERIS
  • Jesús Villena López, Ergotec
  • Jean Pariès, FonCSI-ICSI
  • Jorge Walter, Université de San Andrés (Argentina)

Other experts are asked to join the group depending on the topics that are addressed.

The key features of a strategic analysis

A strategic analysis takes place over about 18 months, in three major steps:

Step 1: The state of the art

This consists of an assessment of current research with the world's leading experts.


  • a high-level research seminar
  • the publication of an academic text

Step 2: Taking ownership

FonCSI compares the theoretical results and concepts to how they are actually used in practice in the industry.

Step 3: Transfer

FonCSI contributes to the efficient and effective translation of the results of research into industrial practice.


  • a seminar for researchers and industry partners
  • the publication of a summary as a Cahier de la sécurité industrielle

Contact & coordination

Caroline Kamaté
Tel: +33 (0)5 32 09 37 83
Eric Marsden
Tel: +33 (0)5 32 09 37 82