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Presentation A joint initiative

A collaborative creative process between Naturalistic Decision Making and Resilience Engineering, with the support of ICSI and FonCSI.

Bouncing forward from global crises and challenges.
Rethinking and guiding adaptations based on
Resilience Engineering and Naturalistic Decision Making.

We do not know the story, even less the end of the story.
What do you do in the middle of the story?

We get to write the story together, come and collaborate to seize,
define and shape opportunities


Global crises and their reverberations and challenges, impressively exemplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, are calls for society to bounce forward. Adaptation needs are everywhere, at systemic, organisational, and societal levels, as well as at individual and community levels. It is urgent to rethink and guide innovative forms of adaptation.Together, Resilience Engineering (RE) and Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) represent a rich source of inspiration for such adaptations.

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You may register for one single day, two days, or the full three days, in Toulouse or online.
Initial programme details available 

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Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM)

The core of NDM is expertise in understanding and improving decision-making by practitioners in all its complexity, when things must be settled in an environment without certainty, without solid data, without magical algorithms, when it is necessary to arbitrate between conflicting goals, to choose even between diverse solutions, when time and resources are lacking.

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Resilience Engineering Association (REA)

RE is interested in understanding and improving the capacity of complex sociotechnical systems and organisations to cope with the variability of the world, including its extremes and its randomness, to adapt, thrive, take advantage of it and evolve.

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NDM and RE, each at their level and on different scales, deal with arbitration, with trade-offs between knowledge and uncertainty, expertise and politics, understanding and action, specialization and diversity, thoroughness and efficiency, maneuvering and margins for maneuver, recurring and exceptions, thought and unthinkable.


A partnership with FonCSI & ICSI

ICSI is the Association for an Industrial Safety Culture, a public interest association created in France in 2003 after the AZF explosion (21st September 2001).

The FonCSI, Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture, is a public-interest research foundation created in 2005.

Foundation for an
industrial Safety Culture

Institiute for an
industrial Safety Culture



A joint event and more

The Naturalistic Decision Making movement and the Resilience Engineering Association have decided to open the border between the decision-making landscape and the country of resilient trade-offs, and to make their next biannual meetings (15th NDM and 9th RE) a joint event, with the support of FonCSI and ICSI.

Naturally, they decided that such a historic event deserved better than a traditional meeting. Consequently, they foresee diverse opportunities around the world, both academic and non-academic, each of them possibly comprising:

  • working groups,
  • regional workshops,
  • webinars,
  • publications for the general public, and the like.

These opportunities will be progressively structured forming the content of the joint event. The event will probably be a NDM/RE discussion track, an industrial safety track, an academic young talents track, and some others.

And all these tracks will get together in June 2021 during the joint meeting, and will then be able to continue their journey towards their own outcomes (publications, guidance material, methods…).

Your contributions - The call

This call is therefore a call to join and propose your contributions. These can be a classical paper or presentation, but also a work in progress, a think tank, an element of a research program, a case study, a tool under development...

The themes are wide open, not limited to the Covid-19 crisis - even though it presents a fantastic staging of resilience issues, and not limited to NDM’s and RE’s doxas – while they represent together a rich source of inspiration. 

Let’s be brave and dare to be simple:
the framing question is “outmaneuvering complexity”.

The 2021 Joint meeting will be an opportunity to share all these contributions, in a format that cannot be defined yet, given the uncertainties related to transportation, communication, and accommodation.

Where & WHEN

We still hope it will be possible to hold a traditional ‘physical’ meeting gathering a few hundred people.

If so, it will be organized
on the 21st-24th June 2021
in Toulouse, France.


If not, we’ll have a backup plan, for example based on smaller interconnected regional meetings at the same date.

The joint event will be co-organized and hosted by ICSI and FonCSI.

Target participants

Researchers, policy makers, designers, managers and frontline operators from diverse sectors such as industry, healthcare, energy, maritime, aviation, railway, digital services, financial systems, water networks, communication, research and academia.

Take away

The Covid-19 crisis will remain as a historical moment. The main take away will be a unique opportunity to participate in a worldwide effort to make sense of it and act in it. Additionally, it will be an opportunity to network, enhance knowledge, share experiences and co-create solutions, methods, practices, and strategies.

Initial question for you to respond

What are new issues, gaps, and questions we need to think about? If we have more questions and issues than time, we will schedule additional collaborative creative process encounters.

Please share your thoughts through this email :

Young talents event

One-day workshop (held on the first day of the event) for Master and PhD students within the fields of NDM or RE.

During the workshop, the talents will have the opportunity to present their work to, and receive feedback from, experienced researchers and practitioners in the field.

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Let's engage and create useful solutions together...


Ivonne Herrera
Resilience Engineering
Association (REA)
Gary Klein
Naturalistic Decision Making
(NDM) Conference

Jean Paries
Foundation and Institute
for an Industrial Safety Culture