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Emerging Talents RE and NDM Workshop - 2021

The Emerging Talents Workshop in the areas of Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) and Resilience Engineering (RE) will take place on 21st June 2021, in conjunction with the Joint Meeting – 15th Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making and 9th Symposium on Resilience Engineering 21–24 June 2021, France.

What is the Emerging Talents Workshop?

The Workshop is a joint initiative by the Young Talents Program of the Resilience Engineering Association (REA), and the Doctoral Consortium of the Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) community. During this one day workshop, the students Masters and PhD students within the field of RE and NDM will have the opportunity to present their work to prominent researchers in these fields.

Who can apply for the Emerging Talents Workshop?

PhD students who are currently pursuing research in the areas of RE or NDM can apply. Masters students are welcome as well, if conducting relevant research in RE or NDM. More information on eligibility requirements are provided below under “What is required to become an Emerging Talents?”

What are the benefits of participating in the Emerging Talents Program?

The Young Talents workshop offers selected students a unique opportunity to participate in a one-day workshop with some of the foremost experts within the fields of RE and NDM. Selected graduate students will be expected to present their main research plans/progress in 10–15 minutes; this will be followed by a discussion, during which experts will provide personalized feedback and suggestions. The discussion is designed to help students reflect upon the challenges they face in their work, and provide potential solutions and refinements. In summary, the program has the following aims:
  • Provide selected graduate students with an opportunity to develop their oral presentation skills.
  • Provide students with feedback and advice on their research plans/progress.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to meet and engage with experts from different backgrounds working on topics related to RE and NDM.
  • Facilitate interaction between graduate students and foster an exchange of ideas.

Is funding available to successful applicants?

Yes! We aim to have sufficient funding to cover 20 selected students (10 from RE and 10 from NDM). Graduate students selected for the Workshop will be entitled to a reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs up to a substantial limit, commensurate with the actual distance/cost of travel. The specific amount of the reimbursement will be announced in the coming weeks. Funding will be available from several sources including the Resilience Engineering Association and the ESPRC SPRITE+ network (the eligibility criteria to apply for a SPRITE+ bursary is outlined in the application form).

How can I apply to participate in the Emerging Talents Workshop?

You should prepare an application package that includes:

1. A Cover page

A cover page including your name, institution, department, and primary thesis advisor.

2. A brief description of the work

A brief (max 400 words) description of the work you are pursuing in the area of RE or NDM, using the following structure:

  • Background/Motivation
  • Clearly formulated research questions/hypotheses
  • Method (actual or proposed)
  • Work completed so far (e.g., planned research, completed pilot study, collected main data, analysis)
  • Results (obtained/expected)
  • Expected impact and future directions

3. Letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation from your advisor stating that he/she supports your participation in the doctoral consortium. Your advisor should also include information about your need for travel funding to attend the conference. If your advisor is already covering your travel expenses, then they should state this and describe whether the funding will cover all, or only some, of your travel expenses.

Similarly, if you have (or will) obtain funding via your university (e.g., graduate student council travel award), your advisor should state this and make it clear whether you require additional funding to attend the conference.

4. Curriculum Vitae

(max 2 pages)

5. A personal statement

(max 400 words) explaining:
  • Why you would like to participate in the Emerging Talents Workshop
  • How your work relates to the symposium’s theme “Bouncing forward from global crises and challenges: Rethinking and guiding adaptations”
  • What you would like to discuss during this day (e.g., what aspects of your research are you seeking specific feedback on)
  • How you would like to contribute to the Emerging Talents network after the workshop, e.g., organizing the next Emerging Talents Workshop in 2023, writing a blog on the REA or NDM website, managing a social media account, launching a campaign for young researchers, etc.
The ideal candidate would be a student who has already developed some preliminary analyses for his/her research project, or has already collected partial or full data and set up the analysis, prepared a thesis proposal, contributed to (or developed) a method or model. To ensure that the research is germane to RE and/or NDM, reviewers would look for the following themes:

Resilience Engineering (RE)

Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM)

  • Adaptive capacity
  • Preparedness or readiness to respond
  • Socio-technical system design
  • Joint Cognitive Systems
  • Safety-I/Safety-II
  • Proactive learning and risk management in complex systems
  • Modelling and/or measuring resilience potential (FRAM, RAG, etc.)
  • Decision making under stress and uncertainty
  • Adaptive expertise
  • Decision making in automation and explainable artificial intelligence
  • Macrocognition and adaptive performance
  • Knowledge elicitation (CDM, ACTA etc.,)
  • Team cognition and performance in high stress settings
Selected candidates will be asked to indicate their preference for either workshop, i.e. RE or NDM. This will be taken into consideration during the final assignment of candidates to either track.
In order to facilitate in-depth discussion during the workshop, the number of students admitted to the workshop is limited to 20 (10 for RE, 10 for NDM).

The deadline for application is 15th February 2021.

The outcome of the review process will be announced to all applicants
by 12th March 2021.

Submit your application

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