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Programme & Submissions

The program committee will use your input to orchestrate a series of interactive sessions, panels, discussions, presentations, and other formats as if we were planning a summertime series of concerts or theatrical productions.


Bouncing forward from global crises and challenges.
Rethinking and guiding adaptations based on Resilience Engineering and Naturalistic Decision Making

The pandemic & other events around the world are shocks that stress human systems at scale. These events produce disruptions that spread over time and space inhibiting usual responses. Critically, there is uncertainty about when and how the event may be resolved, and, especially, uncertainty about what a resolution may look like. Whether we are scientists, engineers, or managers, how does our work help stakeholders look ahead to reconfigure systems and relationships? How do we guide adaptations, changes, and opportunities for renewal, while reducing natural tendencies for retreat and retrenchment?

Programme  of symposium from June 21 to 24

- June 21, 2021-

1st Day of Symposium

The Emerging Talents and other Workshops

Dedicated to Masters and PhD students within the field of RE and NDM.
This day was initially planned for extended workshops but other types of sessions will also be running along side this,
for which you may register.

> More information on the Emerging Talents

- June 22, 2021-

2nd Day of Symposium

Open to every one

- June 23, 2021-

3rd Day of Symposium
“Is the at-risk industry in need a safety management paradigm shift?”

Open to all and specially dedicated to industrialists
> Consult the detailed programme of the day
(industrial guests, round tables, presentations, etc.)

- June 24, 2021-

4th Day of Symposium

Open to every one


> Full programme now available here 


Timeline for submissions

  • Submissions are due March 22, 2021.
  • Notification on submitted contributions is planned for April 15.
  • Final proceedings papers will be due May 21.