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58th ESReDA Seminar

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Du 10/06/2020
au 09/06/2020

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Alkmaar, The Netherlands

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Exponentially developing knowledge is helping to better face with emerging risks from continuous innovation and increasing complexity. However, even for old systems, the question is “how difficult is it to apply existing knowledge to manage and regulate related risks”. Knowledge is mostly applied by people and a large proportion resides in them rather than disembodied sources; individual and collective skills and practices to produce and use knowledge are seldom highlighted. Knowledge remains a broad term that covers many distributed phenomena with various sources (from data and information to expertise), forms (from tacit to explicit), types (from generalized principles to specific cases), dimensions (from individual to social) and is addressed by various scientific disciplines (engineering, ergonomics, management, sociology,…). This likely raises numerous important questions.

The 58th ESReDA seminar will be a forum which aim to discuss theories, concepts, and experiences of enhancing the use of knowledge for better risk management and governance. Authors are invited to present their research and operational proposals and raise challenges, but also to discuss as well successes and failures in enhancing risk management through better use of risk knowledge. We want to encourage new ideas, scientific papers, conceptual papers, case studies and cross-sectoral and inter-disciplinary research on the theme of challenges and practices for using knowledge in risk management and governance. This seminar will bring together researchers, practitioners, specialists and decision-makers to discuss strategies and practical experiences.

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