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The investigation process following major technological accidents

State of play and avenues for improvement
ICSI Discussion Group ‘The investigation process following major technological accidents’
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The investigation process  following major  technological accidents

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This "Cahier de la sécurité industrielle" analyses the question of how safety investigations are conducted in France following major technological accidents occurring in Seveso-type facilities. It is the outcome of the work of ICSI discussion group in which some 20 participants from very different backgrounds: trade union organisations and associations, regional communities, schools, universities, research institutes and centres, industrialists and industrial federations, and experts met over a period of two years.

From the analysis of international and multi-sectoral models, points of view put forward by the stakeholders of any initial plan and discussions between participants, this
Cahier de la sécurité industrielle provides an overview of the safety investigation process, distinct from the judicial inquiry. Avenues for improvement are identified from the feedback compiled by the discussion group.

This document is intended for all stakeholders interested in industrial safety: representatives of public authorities, local communities, companies, trade union organisations and inter-professional organisations, associations of victims of a disaster, representatives of hygiene, security, environment (HSE) organisations, legal and insurance companies, etc. It will also be of interest to the academic community and students.

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