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A new team for “FonCSI 4”

As the new year begins, we are strengthening the FonCSI team. With this expansion, we will be better-able to carry out the strategic analyses that make up the “FonCSI 4” program, exchange ideas with our sponsors and partners, and disseminate the results as widely as possible. Find out more about our new 8-person operations team.

A new scientific direction

Corinne BiederAt the beginning of 2024, the Foundation was delighted to welcome Corinne Bieder as Scientific Director.
Corinne is an engineer with a PhD in sociology and management science. She also holds a Master’s degree in risk management and a specialized Master’s degree in ergonomics. After working for EDF, Dédale and Airbus, she joined ENAC, where she is responsible for the safety management research program.
She has been working with FonCSI for many years, both as an active member of the NeTWork network and as an academic member of the Foundation’s Strategic Analysis Group.
In addition to her work at ENAC, Corinne is now FonCSI’s Scientific Director. She succeeds Jean Pariès, who has held the position since 2020.

Two program leaders

Hervé LarocheHervé Laroche has also joined the Foundation’s team as program leader.
A graduate of the École des hautes études commerciales de Paris (HEC), Hervé holds a PhD in management science. He is professor emeritus at ESCP Business School in Paris, and co-director of Icsi’s “Managing at-risk Organizations” Specialized Executive Master’s program (MAORI). 
Like Corinne, Hervé has been working with the Foundation for many years as an academic member of the Strategic Analysis Group.
In his role as a program leader, he will help to steer the strategic analyses of the new “FonCSI 4” program.

Jean ParièsJean Pariès, FonCSI’s former Scientific Director and a well-known safety expert in both industrial and academic circles, will remain at the heart of our Foundation. He will continue to play an active role both in strategic analyses, and as a program leader.


The 8-person team behind “FonCSI 4”

FonCSI’s scientific team, headed by Corinne Bieder, now comprises two program managers, Caroline Kamaté and Eric Marsden, who, in turn, are supported by two program leaders, Hervé Laroche and Jean Pariès.
René Amalberti will continue to direct the Foundation.
Finally, Pauline Fabre and Clotilde Gagey will continue their work as General Secretary and communications manager, respectively.

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